10 Things Sleep Experts Never Keep In Bedroom

10 Things Sleep Experts Never Keep In Bedroom

A sound sleep of 8-9 hours at night is essential for every human being. If you do not get that, you will feel tired and sleepy in the daytime. Getting proper sleep depends on many things, among which the crucial is what you are keeping in the bedroom. So, here, we will discuss the things that no sleep experts will ask to allow in the bedroom.

Sleep Experts Do Not Prefer Pets In Bedroom

If you have the habit of sleeping with your pets, start sleeping alone. Even if you are very attached to it, let it sleep in its bed while you sleep on your own. This is because they can wake u at night or jump on the bed, which in turn will disturb your sleep.

10 Things Sleep Experts Never Keep In Bedroom
10 Things Sleep Experts Never Keep In Bedroom


Blue lights that come from the desktop or tablet are responsible for improper sleep. Besides, the lights or constant beeping of your mobile also lead to poor sleep. So, it is better to keep all the electronics items and your phones in another room.


A TV in the bedroom means you will continue watching it, which makes you sleep late. It, in turn, will damage your sleep cycle. If you have to watch it, sit in the living room and watch for half an hour and come to the bedroom at the right time.

Sleep Experts Do Not Approve Work In Bedroom

Are you ready for the bed? Then put everything aside, even the thought of your work. What you did the whole day or what will you do next day – keep everything out of your mind. It will make your body and mind relaxed, which in turn helps you sleep better.


Always go to your bed with a clean body and feet. Do not enter the bedroom outside the shoes. It will bring dust and dirt into the bedroom. It is the last thing you want.

Sleep Experts Say No Food In Bedroom

Easting right before bedtime is a strict no. If you have food so late, you can have acid reflux or indigestion. These can lead to poor sleep. So, no food in the bedroom, please. It is better to finish your dinner at least three hours before sleeping.


Right before sleeping, you should not have wine or beer or any liquor. Though alcohol can make drowsy, excess of it will lead to headaches or irritation and sweating. You can have nightmares too.

10 Things Sleep Experts Never Keep In Bedroom
10 Things Sleep Experts Never Keep In Bedroom


Your bedroom should always be organized appropriately as it helps in sound sleep. Many studies have revealed that if there is clutter in the bedroom, it can lead to delayed sleep or poor sleep. So, it is better to keep it as clean as possible. A clean bedsheet with neat pillows will invite you to sleep.

Sleep Experts Prefer Soothing Heat

If the heat within the bedroom is too high or low, it can hamper your sleep. Thus, the temperature should be moderate so that you can sleep comfortably.

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