14 ways agoraphobia can affect your life


An article about agoraphobia, one of the many mental health diseases that can hurt your life. Several ways can affect you- it could keep you from going to school or work, limit your social life, and it’s even been known to lead people to attempt suicide. Share some of the most common signs and symptoms with your readers!

What is agoraphobia?


Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder that causes sufferers to feel extremely anxious about the possibility of having panic attacks within certain situations.

Sufferers can become agoraphobic by learning to fear these triggers or being exposed to them repeatedly, often during childhood or adolescence.  When agoraphobia is developed during adulthood it is more likely to have been triggered by a traumatic experience.

14 ways agoraphobia can affect your life


1) You may not feel safe in social situations.

2) You may worry that you won’t be able to get home if you leave your house.

3) You may avoid going outside and instead stay in your house for fear of having a panic attack while out in public.

4) You might worry about finding restrooms or gas stations while driving on the highway, and then end up getting off the highway rather than risking it.

5) When it is severe, there may be no place you feel safe enough to go; it can even make it difficult to leave your home.

6) Agoraphobia can make it more difficult to take care of daily responsibilities like grocery shopping, doing laundry, or paying bills.

7) You may worry about its symptoms and go to great lengths to avoid agoraphobic situations you fear might cause panic attacks.

8) It can also create a feeling of shame and isolation; agoraphobics often believe others don’t understand the problem and think agoraphobics are crazy or weird.

9) You may feel like this is running your life and making it hard to enjoy the things you once loved doing.

10) Rather than enjoying any real freedom, agoraphobics often find themselves trapped by it.

11) You may have had agoraphobia for years before you even realize it’s a problem since agoraphobic avoidance behaviors are often quite subtle.

12) You might worry that it is making your life worse, but with treatment the opposite is true.

13) A key symptom of it is panic attacks, and it can make panic attacks worse.

14) Agoraphobics often fear what will happen if they have a panic attack in public, so agoraphobia worsens as agoraphobics avoid more situations, which creates a vicious cycle of agoraphobic avoidance.


Agoraphobia can make it hard to do things that agoraphobics once enjoyed. Some agoraphobic symptoms like panic attacks may worsen as agoraphobics avoid more situations, which creates a vicious cycle of agoraphobic avoidance. Agoraphobia is not just an inconvenience or something you should be able to work through on your own; there are treatments available for agoraphobia and if left untreated the consequences could be dire. If you have any questions about how treatment options might help set up a new life free from fear, please contact us today!

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