4 Noteworthy Causes Of Low Self Esteem


Self-esteem is what people think about themselves. If you like yourself and value your accomplishments, you have high self-esteem. On the other hand, if you are unsatisfied and unhappy with what you are then you have low self-esteem. Simple, isn’t it? While high self-regard is not always a good thing, it is worse to think low of yourself. You will not have the confidence to deal with your life if you do not consider yourself worthy enough. Even worse, you might soon be a victim of depression, leading you to a more difficult life. So, what do you do in this state? While low self-admiration tendencies can always be remedied, it takes daily practice and attention to do so. As the very first step, you need to know the causes behind this tendency.

4 Noteworthy Causes Of Low Self Esteem
4 Noteworthy Causes Of Low Self Esteem
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Negative Authorities

Every individual has immediate authority in his or her life. However, we people commit this mistake of giving huge power to the authoritative figures in our lives. It is good to have someone whom you can trust and approach during troubled times. But it might have severe consequences if that same figure is harsh, overly critical, negative, and cruel. It is not your fault to think low of yourself. The opinions of the authoritative entities in your life become so very valuable and they can easily rule your judgment of you. Constantly hearing what you do is not good enough might have an impact on your self-image. Being criticized for every little thing, no matter how hard you try, can make it very challenging for you to feel comfortable and confident about yourself.

4 Noteworthy Causes Of Low Self Esteem
4 Noteworthy Causes Of Low Self Esteem

Trauma – A Major Cause Of Low Self Esteem

Any abuse, regardless of whether it is sexual, emotional, physical, or a blend of these, might often result in feelings of guilt and shame. It is quite likely for an individual to feel that he or she actually deserved the mistreatment or that he or she is not worthy of the care, love, and respect of the exploiter or abuser. Such individuals might have a lot of depression and anxiety related to the events in their lives. These events can disturb a person’s ability to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Unsupportive Parents Or Bullying

Children who have responsive, supportive and safe parents generally do not have any chances of suffering from low self-regard. Nevertheless, the ones who are constantly bullied and taunted as a kid growing up with low self-respect. Such children have an overwhelming sense of being abandoned, lost and hopeless. They are filled with a loathing that pervades their regular life. Such children also do not make friends very easily. With an unsupportive family and home life, the consequences of bullying are magnified. This erodes life quality to a large extent.

Unfair Comparisons Leads To Low Self Esteem

Unfair comparisons as children and even as adults might have negative consequences on the self-esteem of a person. People who are not able to perform well at the office are constantly compared to high performing peers. They are criticized for their weaknesses instead of being encouraged for the other qualities they might be possessing. This ultimately leads them to develop low self-respect.

Low self-regard is something that is not inherited. It always makes space through external causes, which if detected, can easily be rectified.

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