5 Major Symptoms Of Depression


Knowing the symptoms of depression is highly essential if you want to get yourself treated. There’s absolutely a lot of them you need to know.

Depression is a serious kind of illness. However, people tend to overlook it. Some people do not really understand what it feels to have depression. They would say that it is all in your mind. You should stop thinking about negative thoughts. What they don’t know is that these thoughts in your head are absolutely unwelcome. Depression will suddenly hit you, makes you feel really sad, hopeless and lost the balance in life.

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Five Major Symptoms Of Depression
5 Major Symptoms Of Depression

Sadness is not considered as a major symptom of depression. We all have days when we feel like breaking down and losing our grip to life. However, there are more symptoms of depression that a person needs to know. This will help them seek the right treatment.

Extreme Exhaustion

By far, it is the most prominent symptom of depression. Even when a person is mildly depressed, they lack energy and do not want to do anything with the world. Most of the times, they find doing simple chores too difficult. They sleep all the time and feel like they are too drained.

Sleep Disorder

Depressed individuals have problems with their sleeping patterns. It could be that they sleep too much, or they don’t. They tend to wake up during the night, or that they have a problem falling asleep. As a matter of fact, there’s no pattern for sleep issues for depressed individuals, but there are definite sleep disruptions.

Five Major Symptoms Of Depression

5 Major Symptoms Of Depression


Do you feel like you lost your interest in things that you do? Do you feel like you have given up on life? You need to know that overwhelming hopelessness is one of the symptoms of depression. You will feel worthlessness and do not really hope for the future. If you feel like everything is going wrong, it’s time for you to seek depression treatment.

Loss of Interest

If you find no interests in doing the things you usually do, such as your hobbies, this can be a symptom of depression. You will lose your energy or do not feel that you’re capable of doing these things, no matter how hard you try.

Five Major Symptoms Of Depression
5 Major Symptoms Of Depression

Eating Disorder

Depression can cause an eating disorder to the sufferer. It could be by binge eating or no interest in eating at all. Some sufferers crave sweet or salty foods since they find comfort in them. However, if you think that you’re gaining or losing weight rapidly, you might be having depression.

If you think that there have been some changes in your life, but in a very bad way, it would always be best for you to check if you’re having depression. Keep in mind, prevention is always better than cure. So, if you or anybody you know is suffering from such, you have to fight this disorder with them. It’s never too late, you can still get your life back.

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