6 Mental Health Facts 2020 You Must Know

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Mental health remains one of the most ignored aspects of the health and well-being even to this date. Just think of anyone speaking about their mental health issues, and imagine the sort of responses that person will receive! You will have a clearer picture in your mind. But, degrading mental health condition has already become the source of some major concerns among the doctors and researchers in the field. Today we will take a closer look at the mental health facts 2020 that you must know. 

Mental Health Facts 2020 That Are Too Big To Be Ignored 

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One important question we all must ask ourselves is why do we keep ignoring the seriousness of bad mental health? Why don’t we treat it just like any other physical ailments? Probably because the symptoms cannot be truly visualized, even with all the modern diagnostic tools that we have. And, on top of that we have this social stigma and taboo surrounding the subject. 

The issue was already massive and was taking major toll on the lives of millions across the world. So, when we went into the pandemic state and almost the entire world came to a standstill, the pressure was too much for some of those who were already suffering from mental health problems. The result is the increasing number of suicides and violent outbreaks. It is no longer a matter that can be ignored. And, these facts will tell you that story. 

Fact 1: 18% Of US Adults Experience Mental Illness

Yes, the number is that great! 47.6 million adults from US itself were found to be suffering from mental illness. One thing to keep in mind is that mental illness doesn’t mean that the person has lost capability of rationale thinking. It can be quite the opposite. May be the person is over-thinking, or panicking, or going through a severe depression. And, that’s not a pretty sight at all. 

Fact 2: 1 In 6 Youth In US Experience Mental Health Condition

Mental health issues are not just contained among the old, and this statistic proves it. To think that 1 in every 6 youth is suffering from mental health issues is a scary feeling. 

Fact 3: 50% Of Mental Health Condition Formulate By Age 14

Even if you are suffering from a mental health condition much later in your life, the seed was probably implanted long ago. 75% of all lifetime mental conditions start by the age of 24. 

Fact 4: 1 In 5 People Worldwide Will Experience Mental Health Condition In Their Lifetime

That’s 20% of the global population we are talking about. Over 1.5 billion globally will be suffering from mental health condition in their lifetime. 

Fact 5: In US Women Experience Depression At Twice The Rate Of Men

There can be a lot of theories behind this, but the fact remains that US women are twice as susceptible to mental health conditions as compared to their male counterparts. As of now, each year 12 million US women suffer from depression. 

Fact 6: In US Ratio Of Mental Health Care Provider To Population Stands At 1:504

That means that there is just one mental health care provider for every 504 people in the US. The situation is not much better in other nations, and extremely worse in the developing and underdeveloped nation. We still fail to see the dangers of mental health conditions. But, it’s high time we do. Or, our society is doomed. 

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