Anxiety Disorders And Panic Attacks

People With Anxiety And Horror Movies

Our normal reaction to danger is anxiety, whenever we feel threatened, or scared anxiety is a natural response. It not always a bad thing to feel anxiety, as it helps us to remain focused, to be motivated, but in some cases, we cross the line and that’s where all the problems with anxiety begin. Anxiety disorders symptoms usually vary from one person to another, and so vary the triggers of anxiety. Unfortunately, today anxiety is one of the most common psychological health issues but is treatable if required steps are taken.

Anxiety Disorders And Panic Attacks
Anxiety Disorders And Panic Attacks

Signs Of Anxiety Disorders

Being constantly tense, always looking for danger, avoiding responsibilities are some major signs in this context. Pounding heart, sweating lack of sleep, are also some symptoms of anxiety. Though it is a psychological problem, it affects the body eventually. Sometimes anxiety can lead to depression. In that case, you must treat both of these problems carefully.

Anxiety Attack And Its Symptoms

An attack of anxiety appears suddenly without any warning and can stay from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, in that space of time the person feels immense terror. Panic, pain in the chest, feeling like losing control, are some basic symptoms of an anxiety attack.

Anxiety Disorders And Panic Attacks
Anxiety Disorders And Panic Attacks

Types Of Anxiety Disorders

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

People with this type of disorder worry all the time, like, what if something bad happens. Insomnia, stomach problems, restlessness are the symptoms here.

Panic Attacks And Disorders

People who witness very frequent panic attacks are in this group, avoiding public places is a natural response in this case.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

These types of people are obsessive in nature, such as doing the same thing again and again which is not required, is a symptom of this.

Phobias And Irrational Fears

In this case, one can’t get rid of his or her own unrealistic fear. And tries to escape, by avoiding, which makes the fear stronger eventually.

Social Anxiety Disorders

The fear of being labeled as a negative person is known as social phobia. As a result, the person tries to avoid public situations. There are also stress disorder and separation disorder.

Treatment Of Anxiety Disorders

Being with other people who are close to us can help us a lot in this type of situation, one can practice meditation for relaxation, exercising is very helpful for people with anxiety, as it makes us more organized, one must get sufficient sleep, and keep the usage of caffeine alcohol and nicotine low. And most of all one should learn to live in ease.

Professional Help

In spite of doing all of these, if one can still not lose the habit of worrying, then it’s time to get help from someone professional, therapies work really well in these cases, and over time one can get better, by facing their fears.

Therefore, if you ever feel any such symptoms at home. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Sharing your problems to a stranger is not only a great idea but it also boosts your confidence. Often family members become judgemental, therefore, professional help bare great.

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