Wrist Cuff Digital Monitor For You

Blood Pressure Digital Monitor

These days, the world is becoming increasingly fast-paced as we move towards greater industrialization and professionalism. As work schedules keep getting tighter and hours of leisure less, our lifestyles keep growing unhealthier. Increased stress due to the reasons mentioned above, as well as due to the degrading environmental quality, often leads to high blood pressure among people. Long-term consequences of high blood pressure or hypertension can be extremely dangerous and even fatal in some cases. Hypertension may lead to heart and other organ failures, as well as cerebral stroke and brain hemorrhage. Since it is always better to be safe than sorry later, we have brought the blood pressure wrist cuff digital monitor for you.

Blood Pressure Digital Monitor
Blood Pressure Wrist Cuff Digital Monitor
Price of the Monitor

This digital monitor specifically designed to keep you informed about your blood pressure levels. If you or your family members suffer from hypertension, it is advisable that you keep this digital monitor at home.

Product Description

  • Dimensions: 2.3 cm x 6 cm x 5 cm
  • Wrist size: 13.5 – 19.5 cm
  • Power Source: Supports two AA batteries
  • The digital monitor has a memory button that stores recent readings along with their time and date.
  • You can just slip it around your wrist to use it.
  • The Blood Pressure Wrist Cuff Digital Monitor has an LCD screen.

The digital monitor comes with an LCD screen that shows clear and accurate results. Its accuracy has been tested and certified. The product is easy to use as you just need to wear it on your wrist like a wristwatch. The wrist size is highly variable and can be anything from 13.5 to 19.5 cm. It supports two AA batteries, which are readily available and replaceable. The best feature of this wrist cuff is its memory feature, which lets you keep track of its previous readings along with the time and date of recording.

Importance Of A Digital Monitor

It is essential to keep track of the trends in your blood pressure if you suffer from hypertension. This digital monitor gives you real-time recordings of your blood pressure reading and saves them for future reference. This way, you will always know when to be on alert and visit a doctor to prevent any mishaps. It is compact in size and lightweight so that you can carry it around with you during traveling.

Experts have tested the digital LCD screen for its accuracy and replied in the affirmative. The screen is very sensitive to pulse and heart rate and detects blood pressure levels accurately. The screen is large and bright and glows in the darkness to aid ease of reading. The digital nature of the device makes it more convenient and accurate than a manual hand-pumped blood pressure detecting device. It is always better to keep this device in hand if you or your family members suffer from high blood pressure. This way, you will be informed about the recent patterns in your blood pressure levels, and take necessary precautions. As we all know, prevention is better than cure, what are you waiting for? Get your digital monitor now!

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