Common Mental Health Issues In Teens

Common Mental Health Issues In Teens

Teenage is considered an important phase as it involves developing social, emotional, as well as mental health. A lot of necessary habits have to be developed, such as proper sleep patterns, regular exercise, problem-solving capabilities, and interpersonal skills, which helps to cope up with the situations easily. Ignoring all these things can lead to serious mental health issues in teens.

Eating Disorder – Mental Health Issues In Teens

The problem of an eating disorder is quite common among teenagers, as well as young adults. Females especially tend to suffer from this problem compared to men. Eating disorder involves various conditions like anorexia nervosa, binge-eating problems, and bulimia nervosa. All these conditions involve unusual eating habits like calorie restriction.

Eating disorder is a common mental health issue in teens, which arises due to anxiety, substance misuse, and depression. All these conditions mostly go untreated, which later on with adulthood, changes into a severe mental health condition. Due to this reason, it is always a good idea to treat this teen mental issue as soon as possible.

Common Mental Health Issues In Teens
Common Mental Health Issues In Teens

Emotional Disorder

It is yet another most common mental health issue in teens that occurs during the adolescence period. Along with depression, as well as anxiety, teenagers even suffer from mental disorders. Due to this reason, quite often, you will find that teens are facing severe irritability, anger, and even frustration. If paid enough attention, then you will find out that the symptoms overlap with other different emotional disorders. You can see them along with emotional outbursts, mood swings, etc.

Additional symptoms also include various physical symptoms with an emotional disorder like headache, nausea, and stomach pain. It has been found that global depression has become a common scenario among teenagers belonging to the age group of fifteen to nineteen. Sometimes, severe depression can also bring suicidal tendencies. 

Suicide And Self-Harm – Mental Health Issues In Teens

Suicide is considered as the third and most common cause behind most of the teenagers falling under the age category of fifteen to nineteen. The problem of suicide, as well as, self-harm can develop from severe depression or even anxiety. Various risk factors that can occur due to suicide include childhood abuse, excessive use of alcohol, and other reasons.

Due to this reason, digital communication regarding suicidal behavior is becoming more important solely to prevent suicide as well as self-harm. It can bring a lot of problems for the teenager as well as the family dealing.

Risk-Taking Behavior

As the teen brain does not develop in the adolescent phase, so it is quite common that the risk-taking tendency will develop. Behaviors such as substance use and taking various sexual risks develop during the teenage period. Even though the risk-taking behavior is not good and helpful to deal with mental health disorders, still a lot of teenagers tend to do it, which in the end impact the physical well-being.

Common Mental Health Issues In Teens
Common Mental Health Issues In Teens

The use of cannabis or tobacco, alcohol, or any harmful things tends to develop risk-taking tendencies amongst teenagers. Adult smokers mostly began smoking back in their teenage phase due to the tendency of risk-taking behavior.


The problem of psychosis develops during the late teenage phase or the early stage of adulthood. Symptoms of psychosis include delusions as well as hallucinations. All these problems make it difficult for the teenager to take part in any daily activities, and even affect education as well. If not detected in the early stage, the problem can get severe and can lead to a violation of human rights. 

Behavioral Disorders During Childhood

Behavioral disorders during childhood are yet another reason behind the cause of severe diseases in teenagers falling in the age category of ten to fourteen. Sometimes, the problem can even arise during the late teen phase. The common symptoms of childhood behavioral disorders are difficulty in paying attention, excessive or no activity, etc.

Hence, these are some of the mental health disorders, which teenagers mostly face either during their early teenage phase or late phase.

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