Dream About Marriage- The Pure Bond Created By God


The relationship of marriage is extremely pure. Marriage defines the meaning of every humanly feeling that every individual feels. It brings in the power to love somebody unconditionally. Marriage teaches us how to be respectful, trustworthy, and more importantly, how to be cooperative enough to stay on with a person forever. With time, the meaning of marriage changed. People perceive the meaning of marriage differently. Now with marriages being a personal aspect, people have started dreaming of their marriages. Dreams of marriages come to every individual. All of us want to get married in a unique way. Our dream of marriage often describes us as an individual. Dreams of marriages portray the kind of loyalty and affection that we would be putting in, in our marriages.

Dreams About Marriage- The Pure Bond Created By God
Dreams About Marriage- The Pure Bond Created By God

Marriages in India hold stories and incidents that the whole world knows about. It is no surprise as to how marriages, during the eighteenth and nineteenth-century India instilled pain. Girls, as small as an infant, were married off to an elderly man. To girls, marriages were never something they could dream of.

Marriages were the ultimate fate for girls. Their dreams and aspirations never got fulfilled. With logical reasoning and rationality, revolutionists brainwashed how marrying girls off were not right. Ram Mohan Roy and other revolutionary people brought in all these changes. We girls will never be thankful enough to these legendary people. They ensured girls got educated. We girls will always remember the compromises, sacrifices and other hard work that these people have put in, in order to establish women as equal.

A Dream Of Marriage That All Of Us Have

Not only do teenagers fantasize about marriages, but youngsters too have dreams of marriages. Where teenagers more or less connect to fairy tales with their marriages, youngsters have more of a practical approach in their dream. The partners of their dream, most of the times, represent a superhero or a fictional character. Teenagers consider marriages as something that only brings happiness. But with youngsters, their dreams of marriages depend on a variety of societal aspects. The only thing both the groups have in them is that all of them want to build a relationship and a life with a person where they will be treated as equal. They also dream of love is the feeling that should be governing their relationship.

Dreams Of Staying Happy

Dreams About Marriage- The Pure Bond Created By God
Dreams About Marriage- The Pure Bond Created By God

As we already said, perceptions of marriages have changed over the year. People now get married off to the man or woman of their choice. Often, people now dream of typical marriages that they will have before starting onto a new journey. Sometimes, people want to perform a destination wedding. This involves the bride and the groom to get married at a place of their choice. This place would later prove to be of utmost importance to the married couple. This is because they would remember the place that they used to start their new journey.

Marriage is beautiful. It ensures love, affection, and most importantly, acceptance. Acceptance teaches the couple to accept each other’s flaws. Dreams of marriages light hope in us to stay happy and peaceful forever.  

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