Fun Facts About Mental Health That Any Parent Should Know

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There are a lot of fun facts about mental health that every student should know. If you have kids, you may be concerned with their state of mind and how they are doing in school or just generally feeling happy. This article will teach the basics to the fun facts about mental health. This information can help you and your child understand the symptoms and treatments for a mental illness.

January Is Mental Health Awareness Month

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Each year, local school districts organize activities and discussions to teach kids proper self-care. This is a great time to discuss the importance of self-care. Here are a few fun facts about self-care, you can use in your home or school activities:

Everyone loves a good story. No matter how silly the story may sound, share it with the class. Delray Beach has been known to have some great fairy tale stories during the school year. Perhaps one of the best ones is about a boy who wished he had a magic wand so he could make people fall in love with him all the time. His wish was granted when he received his magic wand on his birthday. The rest of the story is history.

Every little girl craves a good old fashioned princess and this month is the perfect opportunity to teach girls how to be a princess. You can start by sharing some fun facts about mental health and how their dreams can come true. You can even share a funny story with your daughter that shows what it’s like to be a princess. Kids are always looking for ways to be more special and princesses are just what they need to feel extra special.

It’s not too late to teach your daughter that she should count her blessings. It’s important for her to understand how hard it is to have dreams and to see those dreams come true. She also needs to understand that there are people who are working hard to make those dreams come true. Tell her about the hard workers at Apple Computers, who created the Mac. If your daughter likes the Apple commercials, show her some of the fun facts about mental health that these people have worked hard to develop.

Fun Facts About Mental Health 

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Share a few fun facts about mental health with your children. There’s no reason why they can’t use them as information chips when talking to their peers or doctors. Share with them how teenagers might go through tough times and how the stresses of life can cause them to lose sight of their goals and dreams. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard all of the tragic stories of young people who end up dead because they couldn’t handle the pressures of the fast-paced world. Don’t allow yourself to be another statistic.

Tell Your Kids About The Dangers Of Bullying 

It’s all too common for young people to suffer in school because of the stressors in their lives. You might not like the subject of bullying, but your kids need to know what they are up against if they want to have any chance of avoiding it. Even if they aren’t old enough to know what bullying is, they will appreciate the information. If you don’t share this fun fact with your kids, they could start to believe it themselves and develop an unhealthy attitude toward it.


There are so many fun facts about mental health out there. You’ll be amazed at the way they can influence your kids’ thinking. Even if they don’t understand what they’re learning, they’ll be glad they learned something. The more they learn, the more likely they are to be healthy, happy adults.

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