Teaching Kids To Save Money?


Teaching kids to save money is important for their financial stability in the future (as they become grownups). You must start teaching your kids to save money at an early age so that they can become accustomed to the same as they grow up.

There are a lot of different strategies and ways to teach your children the importance of money and how to save the same. However, the best one is getting piggybanks for them.

How Important Is Teaching Kids To Save Money?
How Important Is Teaching Kids To Save Money?

A piggy bank is a classic epitome of money savings, especially when it comes to kids. You need to make your kids accustomed to using piggybanks as the first step towards making them careful and thrifty about money, which is not at all easy to earn.

How Are Piggybanks Teaching Kids To Save Since Ages?

A piggybank, also known as a money box, is a traditional money-saving container, which is generally used by kids. The earliest piggybank dates back to the 12th century and belongs to the Indonesian Island of Java. This fact proves that piggybanks are ancient money-saving tools.

Moreover, if you provide your little ones or toddlers with piggybanks and give them coins daily, they will learn to save their money. In other simple words, getting piggybanks for your kids is the best way to teach them how to save money.

What Is The History Of Piggybanks?

How Important Is Teaching Kids To Save Money?
How Important Is Teaching Kids To Save Money?

As already mentioned (earlier) in this article, piggybanks came into existence somewhere around the 12th century. According to numerous renowned researchers and historians, the earliest forms of boar-shaped money containers were witnessed during the 12th century in Indonesia.

Interestingly, numerous boar-shaped money containers were found at an archaeological site in Trowulan – the Indonesian province of East Java. The term piggybank was, however, coined when the Western pig-shaped money containers were first originated in Germany. At that time, pigs were deemed the symbol of good luck or fortune.

Moreover, the oldest pieces of German piggybanks dated back to the 13th century and were recovered during huge construction work in the German state of Thuringia. Piggybanks are also very common in Mexico, like Germany and many other countries across the world.

Why Are Piggybanks Important For Your Kids?

If you give your little one – let us say a two-year-old child – a piggy bank with lots of coins, what do you think they will spontaneously do with these items? In most of the cases, the kids will pick up the coins and put them into the piggybank slot. After that, they will naturally look for more coins as they finish putting all of them (the coins) into their piggy bank.

How Important Is Teaching Kids To Save Money?
How Important Is Teaching Kids To Save Money?

Furthermore, the best thing about a piggybank is that your kids cannot withdraw the inserted money (coins or notes) from it without breaking or the same. So, it will keep them from extravagance.

Some people advocate the use of jars for kids to save money, but the biggest problem with jars is that they are not protected like piggybanks. In other words, teaching your kids to save money is very important, and piggybank is the best tried-and-tested way for the same.

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