How To Support A Colleague With Depression

How To Support A Colleague With Depression

We always have some close friends in school or in the workplace. Close colleagues spend a lot of moments together each day. The colleagues working in a workplace can easily observe the behavior of each other. In the past few years, people experiencing depression problems have increased rapidly. It is normal if your colleague sometimes behaves strangely due to workload. However, if you observe the strange behavior from more than two weeks, then your friend may be facing mental health issues. In this article, we explain the tips to support your colleague with depression.

How To Support A Colleague With Depression
How To Support A Colleague With Depression

Changes In Behavior Of Colleague With Depression

There are many factors that will determine that your friend is in depression. You can observe the following changes in behavior suffering from a mental health problem.

  • Difficulty in making decisions
  • Cannot concentrate on work
  • Decrease in productivity
  • Making errors in work
  • Often come to the office late
  • Missing the major deadlines related to work
  • Showing less interest in everyone
  • Not attending the social events like earlier
  • Looking tired constantly
  • Always seems unhappy
  • Saying negative things like “I am a failure.”

The mood can be happy or sad at any instant. It is normal if you observe these symptoms once over a long period of time. Moreover, your colleague needs support if you notice this behavior constantly from two weeks.

Supporting Your Colleague With Depression

You must support your co-worker or friend to tackle depression. Here are some simple tips that you can use to help your depressed colleague.

1. Make Him Believe That You Are There

First of all, ask him to go out for coffee or lunch. He might not be ready. However, you must convince him to go out somewhere for the conversation. Then start your talk about his changed mood. Make him believe in you.

2. Be Ready To Listen

It will be hard for him to talk to you about this to anyone else. You must ensure that you are open-minded and respect his feelings. Moreover, you must be non-judgmental at that time.

3. Ensure A Private Conversation

Your colleague may feel uncomfortable talking about this. Therefore, you must ensure him that you do not tell it to anyone else.

How To Support A Colleague With Depression
How To Support A Colleague With Depression

4. Encourage Efforts Toward Recovery To Support Colleague With Depression

It might take time to recover fully from the depression. The process might be challenging and frustrating. However, you must support him at a very small step. It will provide him the strength to face the difficulties in the process.

5. Help Him In Small Things

You can help your friend in some daily activities. It will help him to make him believe you as a supportive colleague. Moreover, it will change his view about you and other people.

6. Encourage Him To Visit The Doctor

Medication is a must for a fast recovery. Therefore, you must encourage him to visit the doctor for the treatment. You can make his appointment after encouraging him. Moreover, you can take him along with you, which help him to feel better.

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