How Turning Vegan Could Affect Your Health?


The fashion for veganism is mushrooming rapidly – collate with 60,000 in 2017, this year Veganuary reports that 150,000 people are picking up the vegan challenge. If you or your beloved one has chosen to Turning Vegan, then it is questionable if you should worry about it. Mainly if they make it a forever lifestyle possibility, then it is something you should give a second thought. We decided to cross-examine the Medichecks data to check things like cholesterol, risk of diabetes, and iron levels in our vegan patrons, compared to those who avow to eat a regular balanced diet.

How Turning Vegan Could Affect Your Health?
How Turning Vegan Could Affect Your Health?

 Less Cholesterol By Turning Vegan

The vegan diet is brilliant news for your cholesterol. Our results depict that while there is no statistical variation between overall cholesterol and HDL cholesterol between our vegan and non-vegan patrons, the vegans show a statistically distinctive lower level of harmful LDL cholesterol.

LDL cholesterol is known as the ‘bad’ cholesterol because it deposits on your artery walls and thickens over time. This tapers the arteries and elevates the risk of heart disease.

One reason our vegans may show low levels of LDL cholesterol is that it’ is found in foods that are rich in saturated fats, many of which are animal products such as cream, cheese, butter, fatty meat, and processed meats.

If you are anxious about your cholesterol levels, it could be a great idea to give the plant-based diet a try to see if it improves your levels. But make sure you do not forget that ‘good’ HDL cholesterol by getting your healthy fats from foods such as avocados and nuts.

 Vitamin B12

There is no statistically notable differentiation between vitamin B12 between our vegans and the rest of our customers. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for nerve function and DNA synthesis, with deficiencies triggering severe neurological disorders. Vegans can’t acquire vitamin B12 through food, as it is found solely in animal products. However, most of us store enough vitamin B12 in our livers to last for a few years. But if you have been a vegan for a few months or even longer, then that we recommend supplementing with B12 and regularly examining to make sure that your B12 levels remain healthy.

How Turning Vegan Could Affect Your Health?
How Turning Vegan Could Affect Your Health?

 Less Diabetes By Turning Vegan

The Medichecks patrons are a moderately fit band, which isn’t astonishing when you think that these are people who are concerned about their health. Nationally, an evaluation states that around 35% per cent of the adult populace has diabetes or pre-diabetes, but in our patrons, only 5.5% show signs of either state.

But blood sugar control is even better amidst our vegans with nearly 2 mmol/mol reduction in their HbA1c juxtaposed with the rest of our patron. Well, this would possibly happen because a plant-based diet encourages weight-loss; obesity is the lone most significant risk factor for diabetes. 


The vegans have lower levels of ferritin than the rest of our patrons, which isn’t astonishing that they don’t get their iron from heme, found in meat. It is not an issue unless you have symptoms of low iron or you participate in an activity where low ferritin levels could affect your performance, e.g., endurance in sports. Experts promptly think that the Western diet is too rich in iron, which could accord to cardiovascular disorder and other metabolic ailments.

 Less Of Vitamin D By Turning Vegan

The not so good news is that our vegans are low in vitamin D, although not lower than the rest of our customers. Take a vitamin D supplement and get examined.

So, you are planning to go vegan our statistics tell you there is nothing to worry about it. Make sure you supplement with vitamin B12 and vitamin D along with the rest of the population of the UK. Don’t worry about your iron unless you are symptomatic of low iron level, and take note that your risk of diabetes and heart disease should fall.

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