Important Mental Health Facts -

Important Mental Health Facts

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As the demand for skilled nurses in the US has been declining steadily, the number of mental health professionals in the country has also been on a steady rise. As people in the US find it increasingly difficult to find a decent job and pay the ever increasing costs of living, they have started looking abroad for different jobs that offer better salaries. As one can understand from statistics, there has been a marked increase in the number of people from other countries migrating to the US for professional purposes. This has led to a parallel increase in the demand for qualified nurses in the US as well. The number of mental health professionals in the country is therefore expected to grow rapidly in the next few years.

Mental Health Facts USA 

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Most of the mental health professionals in the US are employed in hospitals, though there are several private practices and medical colleges offering mental health courses and teaching nursing. But most importantly these professionals are required to acquire a license from the state where they practice to practice mental health nursing. There are several mental health facts USA readers want to know, which can help them to distinguish between different professional nursing programs.

A registered nurse (RN) is a person who has attained a graduate degree in an approved educational program and is registered with the Nursing Board of accredited states. Apart from that, he/she must have passed the state board exam. Though most states require RNs to obtain a master’s degree before qualifying for the board exam, some states allow candidates to complete their degree without this requirement. Most US states require all registered nurses to have at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing. For these states, a minimum educational requirement is a four-year college degree from a state-approved university.

The other type of US registered nurse is a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Unlike an RN, a Licensed Practical Nurse does not have to undergo any board exam. This means that licensed practical nurses can work in any hospital in the US or on any of the US healthcare facilities. Licensed Practical Nurses perform tasks like treating patients in their outpatient facility or in a medical facility. Mental health care facilities or community health clinics are some of the places where Licensed Practical Nurses usually provide services.

Other Interesting Facts

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Apart from these nurses, there are many other professionals who perform important roles in the field of mental health. Psychiatrists are one such professional. They are trained psychologists and psychiatrists and are extensively involved in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. Psychiatrists in the state of Arizona are required to get a special license and follow certain ethical rules. In order to become a psychiatrist in Arizona, you must have a master’s degree in psychological or psychiatric disorder and a license from the state board.

Licensed Practical And Licensed Vocational Nurses 

Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses (LPN) are some of the professionals who provide services to mental health patients. There are many LPN jobs in mental health facilities and some of them are located in Phoenix. There are many other locus contractors for mental health jobs in Phoenix. Other mental health facts US states have in common is that they all have a state board to ensure that mental health professionals are not over-diagnosed and that the right patient is assigned to them.

It is important to mention that mental health is as much affected by the family system as it is by any other locus professional. The mental health facts and resources available online aim at raising the level of awareness of family members about mental health and its prevention and management. This can be done by making available information and promoting the awareness on the websites. Some states also have laws of inheritance that provide protection to family members who have a responsibility in a mental health professional’s work.

Final Thoughts

Another fact about mental health in the US is that they need to take their health into their own hands. This can only happen when they are educated and informed on the various facts on mental health. In order to educate them, there are many voluntary mental health organizations that provide courses on mental health to people belonging to all walks of life. This is an important factor that encourages them to go ahead and make informed decisions.

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