About Losing Motivation

Motivation is not just a word but a symbol of enthusiasm and hard work. Depression, anxiety, and over-caution can damage work efficiency, which can affect major projects for an employee. Also, employers are greatly affected when this problem arises. Therefore, company leaders need to look out for their employees at all times. A good leader never lets their subordinates down. They always try to pick them up from their depths and motivate them for optimum performance.

Losing Motivation And A Manager's Contribution
Losing Motivation And A Manager’s Contribution

Losing Motivation: The Bigger Picture

To understand the roots of the problem an employee is facing, the manager needs to listen to them first. Their problems should be of primary focus, and solving them or at least counseling them through it is essential. First, as a manager, you need to defeat the crux of the problem. This will also make them look up to you as a role model who stands up for them during the crisis. Well, all employees need during their lowest is a helping hand from their superiors.

If it is a family-related issue, you need to understand if your employee is comfortable to talk about it. If he is pleased to speak but does not want to be a burden on you, give him reassurances. Make the person self-expressive so that he opens up to you more and lets go of losing motivation. You need to maintain a friendly and open approach. However, keep your gravitas across the event as you may not want to be deceived repeatedly with minute problems your employees face. This can rupture their work, and they may treat personal issues as an excuse to commit less work.

Understand that employees under duress need some time off to get their focus back on track. Often, over-stress can cause sub-par performance or irrational decision-making. People in administrative or technical positions cannot afford to commit such mistakes. Therefore, you need to vouch for their breaks and encourage them to come back recharged. A good leader makes their employees toil harder but not at the cost of their mental health.

Losing Motivation And A Manager's Contribution
Losing Motivation And A Manager’s Contribution

Trust Your Subordinates At All Times

Trust is a significant factor when it comes to these matters. Always downsize the magnitude of the problem when your employee comes to you relaying it. Personalize the problem and give him some excerpts from your own life. This way, he can understand that you are empathizing with his problem and understand him completely. He will feel a mental connection with you, and his mental stress will start easing.

Remind your employees of their peak moments during their careers so that they understand that they are an asset to the company. They need to be reassured that their efforts benefit the company, and the sooner they recharge themselves, the better. Advise them for counseling or some mental fitness activities. You can even organize some office sports to keep your staff in a light mood. Remember that a manager should lead from the front when it comes to raising morale.

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