Low Self-Esteem: Causes and Symptoms

Low self-esteem

Self-esteem is what one thinks and judge of himself. It puts an effect on the decisions they make in their life. The self-confidence and worth of oneself are known as self-esteem. Every human being is expected to have their self-esteem. One must value talent in themselves and perform meaningful activities. Self-value is very important to achieve essential goals in life.

Low Self-Esteem: Causes And Symptoms
Low Self-Esteem: Causes And Symptoms

What Happens To People With Low Self-Esteem?

People are said to have low self-esteem when they think they are not good enough for certain things and doesn’t value oneself. They are likely not been able to fulfill their wishes in life. They stop putting the effort in studies, work, and treat their family members differently. 

Low Self-Esteem Behaviors In Teens

Teen pregnancy

Poor academic activities

Dropping out

Involved in sexual activities

Use of Alcohol and drugs

Loss of appetite

Criminal behavior

Low self-esteem makes people take their lives. It takes a heavy toll on people who eventually end up into depression.

Low Self-Esteem: Causes And Symptoms
Low Self-Esteem: Causes And Symptoms

Causes Of Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is a state of mind, and like every other disorder, it can change. However,  the success of the change depends on the one suffering.

Negligent Parents

As a child grows in a family,  his or her personality forms. The people around them influence every child. They inherit and believe what others think of them and start feeling. Often many parents neglect their child or discourage them in whatever activities they love to do. Sometimes they scold a lot which lowers their self-confidence. This low self-esteem can carry to adulthood where all the problems show up.

Bad Influence Of Peers

Bad peers are one of the common cause of low self-esteem in teenagers. A wrong social group that humiliates forces one to do things they don’t want to or laugh at whatever they say can lower the self-confidence. The child thinks that he or she is not good enough to be a part of them and gradually move towards the negative cloud in the brain.


Nowadays,  children lose their self-esteem after they suffer from extreme injury. Physical, mental, or sexual, any trauma can profoundly affect the feeling of oneself. The abuser deeply affects the narrow ends of one’s mind and makes them believe that they are not good enough. It drastically lowers self-confidence and breaks them.


Body shaming is not new in this mad, evil world. People body shame all the time, and it is not suitable for the one abused. It can profoundly affect on emotional people. With the image of ideal figures and body, the world around has started to judge. Both men and I women suffer from the problem, and nothing can be done about it.

Suffer From An Existential Crisis

Very popular among adults, the prevalent cause of low self-confidence is suffering from an existential crisis. After a certain age,  the adults feel like drowning in the sea of people with different thoughts and cultures. The adults start questioning the reason for their life and the purpose of it.

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