Meditation For Personal Growth: The Phases


Many years ago, when I first started my acting classes, I zoomed over a valid form of meditation for personal growth. There were two different workouts taught in this form of meditation.

The primary purpose was gaining insight from the past while getting in touch with one’s character. Once I was done learning these exercises, I started using them as a potent tool. Even you can practice these workouts for ten to fifteen minutes to gain proper personal development.

Meditation For Personal Growth: The Phases
Meditation For Personal Growth: The Phases

Meditation For Personal Growth: The Basic Steps

The very first thing you need to do is get hold of a place where you will not be interrupted, a place that offers complete privacy. Get into a comfortable posture and start with slow and deep breathing. Practice this for some time while allowing your body and mind to unwind and completely relax.

Phase 1

Imagine you are in a space consisting of two chairs facing one another. Sit on one of the chairs and imagine yourself as your younger version. Imagine that your past is walking through the door. Invite it to take a seat on the chair that faces you. Now start speaking to your child version. Enquire everything, starting from what you like about life and the things you are afraid of. Also, ask who you love and what things you are looking to do in life.

Try putting in some time in this discussion, and you will find your child version revealing a lot of interesting facts about you. Avoid jumping in and fixing the issues. You need to listen and do nothing else. Once you are done with this, offer some advice to your child version. Also, inform him or her about the things you wish had been shared with you at your young age.

Let your child version know you are always there, and things will be back on track. You can bring in a difficult situation the child version of you has never experienced. Let him, or she knows that such cases will keep coming up, but there is nothing to worry. Now, it is time to bid goodbye to the child and watch him leaving through the door. Allow everything to settle by taking some breaths.

Meditation For Personal Growth: The Phases
Meditation For Personal Growth: The Phases

Phase 2 Of Meditation For Personal Growth

Now leave your seat and start walking over to the empty chair and sit on it. Imagine another door opening in front of you and your future walking in. Visualize your future version and imagine it to be physically fit, passionate, confident, and happy. Start asking questions and find your future self answering them honestly. You can even ask for some suggestions and advice as he is the more mature version of you. Also, ask him about any messages he would like to share or some information he would like you to know.

Now, invite your child version in and have all three of you sitting together and looking at each other. Look through the differences and similarities. Feel the love and compassion from and for each other. Imagine all the three versions walking into each other and forming your present. It is what you are at the moment- a blend of your past, present, and future.

Enjoy this form of meditation and even experiment with it to achieve personal growth.

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