Mental Health Issues Most College Students Face

mental health issues college students

Did you know that according to the recent statistics held by the American College Health Association, 60% of college students are facing anxiety and depression problems? Also, 40% of the students experience depression to a severe extent, and their functionality decreases day by day. The mood disturbance is widespread in college students, which is why there needs to be a mental health awareness program. Today, we will talk about most of these issues and how the students can get out of the same. This guide will contain all the helpful information so that you can identify all the mental health issues and potential threats. 


Mental Health

Depression is one amongst the most common mental disorders that will give you feelings of hopelessness and sadness. People who are victims of it promote loss in enjoyable activities, and they experience mood swings as well. According to the server taken in 2018, about 40% of American college students experience periods of significant depression. It can be because of academic reasons or personal reasons, and the numbers are ever-increasing. It is essential to keep counseling sessions in every college for the well-being of all the students and the teachers. 


Mental Health

Most people do not understand the impact of anxiety and often think that it is only normal tension. It is crucial to understand that lifestyle changes can cause anxiety and can turn towards severe depression. According to a Pennsylvania State University study in 2016, about 61% of college students have anxiety as a mental health issue. They can relate it with day-to-day activities, and their productivity is quite lessening. It is also known as generalized anxiety disorder and can cause many problems in the academic performance of college students. 

Obsessive-compulsive Disorder

This is one of the major psychological disorders that can bring about irrational thoughts and obsessions. For that reason, most people indulge in repetitive action, which can be irritating to all the people they are surrounded with. This disorder can cause behavioral problems, and gradually, the person will have a hard time interacting socially. This can also give rise to other problems like panic disorder, and there can be frequent and sudden attacks of terror. 

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Post mat express disorder comes from witnessing something traumatic, like a horrific event. If that is happening, you need to manage with the help of a consultant. The trauma-informed mental health provider will help you to a great extent so that you can recover gradually. Social anxiety disorder can also come out and can cause self-consciousness as well as embarrassment. It is a widespread problem that has been seen in and around the covid-19 pandemic. 


These are some of the major issues that have been creating a lot of problems among college students. Most people are trying to get out of this problem, but others are not aware of it. It is time for you to check out the symptoms so that you can diagnose them in any other individual.

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