Motivating People With Right Attitude

Motivating People Starts with Having the Right Attitude

Motivating people is crucial to achieving and maintaining organizational success. The ability to motivate people is vital to becoming a good leader. In today’s highly competitive day and age, motivation is the secret to success. However, it is essential to have the right attitude to motivate someone and maintain that motivation. Also, leaders in various fields use many different techniques to do this. But only the best leaders find success in keeping their subordinates motivated. Let us see the different ways in which motivation works and the right way to maintain it.

Motivating People Starts with Having the Right Attitude
Motivating People Starts with Having the Right Attitude

Lessons In Motivating People

To be a successful leader, one must learn a few lessons in motivating people. However, by that, it does not mean sitting in classes, taking notes. The overall understanding of motivation is necessary to be an effective leader.

First and foremost, we must not assume that motivation is an intrinsic value that some have, and others do not. Motivation can be taught, cultured, and practiced. Therefore, everyone can be motivated. Also, it is not a continuous state of being, which means no one can stay motivated all the time.

To motivate employees, leaders and managers must look at them as whole entities. So, that means acknowledging their mental and emotional state and needs. It is not enough to only offer remuneration in exchange for their services and end at that. Incentives (monetary or others) play a massive role in getting employees motivated. Also, appreciation from time to time and making them valued is crucial to keep them involved and interested in the work they do. Promotions and rewards are examples of some steps that go a long way in maintaining and even increasing motivation.

To be an able leader who knows how to motivate his employees, you might have to first start with some introspection. Further, our belief system plays a big part in how we treat and handle people. For example, if we fail to look at an employee from a human perspective, we might be the reason they are under-performing or are unmotivated. So, we need first to acknowledge this shortcoming and prepare to change our mindset.

Motivating People Starts with Having the Right Attitude
Motivating People Starts with Having the Right Attitude

Organizational Motivation

Many surveys and studies in the field of Human Resources show that a person is likely to perform best when he feels appreciated, valued, trusted, and challenged. So, it is very much the management’s responsibility to provide such a work environment for its employees where they can thrive.

Leaders must be more compassionate, accessible, and appreciative of their employees. It is also important to acknowledge that there might be a time when every employee might be ‘unmotivated.’ In such times, rather than merely calling the employee ‘useless’ and ‘entitled,’ the cause must be determined. Simple, humane steps like talking to them or even actively trying to advise them may work wonders.

It would help if a leader could sometimes try to see things from the perspective of their employees. Facilitating a good and positive work environment where employees feel like an integral part of the organization, and its success will increase their motivation and productivity.

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