Nurse’s Sister Captures Aftermath Of An Emotional Shift In One Photo


At least now, the nurse’s sister has got enough praise and attention. There was a beautiful Facebook post recently posted that is in support of this trend. Laura McIntyre posted a picture of her sister Caty Nixon on October 10th. Caty Nixon is her twin sister and she is a delivery and labour nurse. 

In the photo, she was looking completely exhausted and was in tears. This was the result of string shifts that was gruelling herself. This was an emotional picture and even the caption that accompanied it took complete attention of the crowd. It received 110,000 shares later. 

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The Aftermath Of An Emotional Shift

Caty is really good at her work and often she forgets about herself. She has complete involvement when it comes to taking care of her patients and most of the time she neglects herself. This picture was actually captured in McIntyre’s place somewhere in July when Caty visited her. McIntyre lives in Forney, Texas. She was in tears because she visited McIntyre just after delivering a stillborn baby. 

Nurse's Sister Captures Aftermath Of An Emotional Shift In One Photo
Nurse’s Sister Captures Aftermath Of An Emotional Shift In One Photo

What Nurse’s Sister Says

Here McIntyre asks a question to everyone that, ‘do you people have any idea what actually a nurse sees and feels in a delivery?’ The most important thing is they will see joy if the delivery is smooth and when mom and baby are healthy. But if the mom is scared, then nurses will see anxiety and panic. When c-section is called, they see just fear. 

For months the nurse’s sister was just holding the photo. Finally, she decided to write and share a photo on Facebook along with a suitable caption. Through this, she feels that she honoured her sister’s resilience and courage. 

Nurse’s Sister: Attention Received In Social Media

‘I complimented her but for Caty, it was hard to accept this compliment’ says nurse’s sister. Hence I choose social media to compliment her and believe me this is the best way. McIntyre even highlights a few challenging moments ions her post that is faced by her sister and other delivery nurses. 

They see cps coming and funeral homes coming. More than anything they even make funeral home arrangements for picking the baby. Sister says. Caty is an incredible nurse and there are many other labour nurses who are best. But they have no idea how good they are. 

Nurses always feel and understand what their patients are feeling. They feel fear, love, joy, excitement, and even heartbreak. Caty is present with her patients emotionally, mentally, and physically in every moment. She takes part in both mourn and celebration of her patients. 

But McIntyre had no idea that her tribute will get blow up like this before posting this on social media. After her post, many people started sharing their own vulnerable experiences by tagging their best nurses. 

Nurse's Sister Captures Aftermath Of An Emotional Shift In One Photo
Nurse’s Sister Captures Aftermath Of An Emotional Shift In One Photo

Bottom Line

There were some best comments and that was by Caty’s past patients. They recognized their nurse and was praising her. McIntyre says along with her sister even she felt ‘very special’ looking at these comments. This was the best way to say ‘thank you’ to their nurse. More than that McIntyre is happy for choosing this way to compliment her sister.

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