Precautions To Follow If Your Dog Eats Weed


It’s a beautiful summer day; you decide to walk your dog. A random stranger tosses a snack to your dog – a weed edible. However, before your intervention, the dog eats weed the snack. He soon starts showing weird signs – drooling, heavy eyelids, unable to close the mouth. Don’t worry; your dog isn’t the only one that experienced this. Over the years, due to the legalization of marijuana cases of dogs eating weed has increased by 448% in 6 years. An encounter is never far and since precaution is better than cure – What should you do if your dog eats weed?

Be Aware Of The Signs When A Dog Eats Weed:

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It is essential to identify the effects Marijuana can have on your pet. The results of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can vary concerning concentration consumed. The symptoms displayed are loss of balance, decreased or rather an unusual vocal, difficulty in movement. Moreover, THC can cause disorientation, faulty urination, drooling, muscle spasms or tremors. They could be constant wobbling, blinking the eyes while extreme cases could lead to a seizure or comatose. Your pets will look visibly uncomfortable and abnormal. Watch out for the signs if your dog eats weed!

Precautions To Follow If Your Dog Eats Weed
Precautions To Follow If Your Dog Eats Weed

Act Soon And Induce Vomiting:

If you identify that your dog has consumed weed, respond quickly to the situation. Marijuana is usually harmful to dogs, but elements in edibles can pose deadly to them. There have been very few cases of dogs dying due to overdose. But, chances are likely if the dose is high. Try to help your dog within 15mins of consuming the weed. Try getting your dog to vomit to remove Marijuana. Give your dog a teaspoon of Hydrogen peroxide to aid the act. Your dog will proceed to vomit in about 10-15 minutes.

Get Immediate Medical Assistance If Your Dog Eats Weed!

If your dog does not throw up, rush to medical services. Veterinary hospitals have medication to induce vomiting instantly. Rush your dog to the vet and tell the doctor what happened. Do not hesitate as this could lead to a brutal fate of your pet. The medical services will also provide guidelines on how to prevent such cases. Do not worry about your vet, turning you in to the police; they care about your pet and its life. Vets can decrease the effect of THC but assisting medicines and fluids. Moreover, this help metabolizes the drug and ultimately heal your pup.

Precautions To Follow If Your Dog Eats Weed
Precautions To Follow If Your Dog Eats Weed

Rush to your medical services if your dog ever consumes weed!

Do Not Let This Occur Again:

Your dog is finally healthy and well. But, the process should not end here. Keep your edibles out of reach or in a safe shelf out of reach. Do not leave your edibles lying around. Dogs tend to eat things that lie around mainly snacks. Make sure people who come to your house also follow the same. Use a labelled container and place the edibles away from the pets at home.

Follow these and save your dog if your dog eats weed!

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