Stress Makes You Struggle To Stay Awake: Why

In normal conditions, a lot of chemical reactions are going on in our body and mind, which we are not aware of. Hence, if we go through any unnatural conditions like stress, tension, fear, the number of reactions increases. In this busy life, we all are continuously going through hard times, like meeting deadlines, the leadership of a vital project, or struggling for a promotion or transfer. Consequently, we feel exhausted.

Some relate stress with getting wired. However, fatigue and stress also go simultaneously. And it is quite common that we feel sleepy when we have a lot of stress. The scientific reason why we feel so is still not understandable, though experts have some explanations.

The behavioral sleep disorder specialist, Deirdre Conroy, explains that stress influences our normal sleep. The time and quality of sleep get affected when we undergo deep stress. There are also many possibilities. It may take longer to fall asleep, or you may fall asleep without delay, but you get awake multiple times.Stress Makes You Struggle To Stay Awake: Why

So, the next day, you may feel fatigued because of this broken sleep. Stress hampers the excellent night’s sleep. During deep sleep, our bodies undergo a lot of functions. Like muscle and tissue repairing and resting, immunity-boosting, as well as regeneration of cells. Furthermore, all of these are hampered if we lack a good sleep, and we feel like we need to sleep more.

Stress is a primary reason for insomnia.

Sometimes Stress Leads To Fatigue At The Extreme Level

 Other than sleepiness, fatigue is another side effect of stress, which causes a drop in energy level. During sleep, our body rests and repairs the internal system to make it ready to start again.

On the other hand, some find sleep as an escape from stress. So, people prefer sleeping more than usual. It thus provides them temporary relief. Aric Prather, a professor of Psychiatry, says that if someone uses sleep as a remedy of stress, it will eventually become a habit.

How Will You Handle The Sleepiness Caused By Tension?

To determine whether you have regular sleep, you should visit a doctor. Some routine blood tests and associated examinations are required to conclude. The hormones also influence how we feel when we are awake.

Stress Makes You Struggle To Stay Awake: Why
Stress Makes You Struggle To Stay Awake: Why

You should also check your diet and lifestyle. Moreover, make changes if necessary, to come out of sleepiness. Too much workout, high sugar, or high carbohydrate foods are responsible for a loss of energy.

Furthermore, check your thought pattern. Avoid those thoughts that create a terrible feeling and eliminate overdoing or under-doing. Don’t think “I am too busy to make time for it” or “I can never finish this task within the stipulated time.” Both are equally harmful to you. Think positive. Your positive thoughts will reflect in your attitude performance.

Take some time every day that you enjoy doing. It may be singing, yoga, gardening, and craftwork. This will calm down your mind. Hence, you will feel revitalized and motivated as it helps in increasing your productivity.

Some “me time” is a must, whatever a project deadline might be.

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