The Right Way To Tell Your Love They Should Try Therapy


The Right Way To Tell Someone You Love They Should Try Therapy Mental health is a significant issue that most people face nowadays. Some try to laugh it off with sharing memes while others shy away from seeking help. It is very hard to watch your loved ones go through issues alone. No matter how much you try, you can never help them as effectively as a therapist would. It isn’t easy to tell someone to try it as they might not be entirely comfortable with that. Here are a few ways that you use to tell your loved one to try therapy:

To Try Therapy, Clear The Misconceptions First The first and foremost step is to clear the misconceptions about it. Mental health is often taken lightly because of the stigma surrounding it. You have to bring it to light that seeking help talking about it is essential.

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The Right Way To Tell Someone You Love They Should Try Therapy
The Right Way To Tell Someone You Love They Should Try Therapy

Try Therapy And Share your Own Experience

Therapy is an entirely unknown and often uncomfortable space for a few. However, the best way to convince them to try therapy is by telling them your own experience. You can tell them how it has helped you and comfort them with the idea of going for this. If you have never been to the therapy either, you can always search for success stories that will help in encouraging them.

Clarify Why You Want Them To Try Therapy

Consulting a therapist is not always seen positively. Some people can misinterpret your suggestion. To avoid this misunderstanding, you have to tell them the reason you are telling them to try therapy. Moreover, clarifying the reason that your suggestion is out of sheer concern can provide comfort to your loved one.

Be Gentle While Approaching The Person

The Right Way To Tell Someone You Love They Should Try Therapy
The Right Way To Tell Someone You Love They Should Try Therapy

When you tell someone to try this, explain it properly to them. You should emphasize on the fact that seeking help for mental health is normal. Treating mental health is as important as physical health. Sitting at home and waiting for it to go away on its own is never a solution. However, the person must not feel that you are forcing it upon them.

For Effective Results, Effort Is Necessary

After the person is convinced to try therapy, he/she has to put in the effort. They have to find a reason to wake up every day and meet their therapist. They have to understand their need to be there. Moreover, if it is just out of compulsion, then it will only be a burden for them. To make the sessions more effective, they have to make it a part of their daily schedule without cringing over it.

Find The Appropriate Fit When you tell someone to try therapy, ask them if they are comfortable with a male or female therapist. If they have any specifications regarding the way, they look. It proves to be beneficial in finding the most likely therapist that the person will be comfortable with. Moreover, this will help in making sure that the person doesn’t leave the sessions because they didn’t like the therapist.

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