Things which you should know about Left Arm Numb Anxiety

left arm numb anxiety

Whenever we think about the symptoms of anxiety, we always think of mental states. But anxiety or depression or panic attacks are as much physical state as they are mental ones. Anxiety occurs when a person thinks about any unpleasant event that is going to happen in the future. At that time you feel numbness or pain in the main body parts.

Feeling little pain or numbness in the left arm is the physical symptom of anxiety or panic disorder. It can occur almost anywhere in your body. But mostly it felt on the face, arms, hands, feet, legs. This can happen as these important parts are fighting with this feeling and blood is rushing high at that time. So that you can feel numbness, tingling or pain in that particular body part. 



The treatment of this symptom is based on the factor which is causing it. If the feeling of numbness or pain in the left arm is due to anxiety, panic or any other mental health conditions, treating it in that way will help. But if that kind of pain is due to some internal injury or underlying physical health condition, a person needs to see a doctor for proper treatment and diagnosis.

Fight Anxiety


Feeling terrified or scared after thinking of something bad is going to happen in future is the sign that a person is weak inside. But if you want to be strong and healthy, you have to fight with this evil feeling of anxiety. There are several ways to improve your mental stability. Here are some of them. Have a look and try it whether you have anxiety disorder or not. 

  • Some stress management techniques like meditation, spending 20-30 minutes in nature, regular exercise, and new hobbies can help a person to reduce anxiety. 
  • Psychotherapy is the most famous treatment for anxiety. It helps a person to understand what is causing it and how to deal with it. 
  • Medications like beta blockers or antidepressants could also be effective in the treatment of anxiety. 

Treating Muscle Tension

If a person is feeling anxiety from the pain in arms, he must treat his muscle tension. It can be beneficial to avoid anxiety or treat it. For relaxation of muscles, you can try following things:

  • Regular stretches or other arm exercise can help to release the pain. 
  • Massage is also the best way for relaxation. 
  • You can take a warm bath after having a stressful day to relax. 
  • You can also take some counter pain reliever after discussing it with your doctor. 

Above mentioned techniques will help you to release muscle pain. However it will not treat the underlying anxiety pain, but it will help you a lot to fight against it. 


In the end, we can say that numbness in the left arm is the symptom of anxiety or panic attack. This is also a symptom of heart attack. Sometimes it gets tricky to find out if it is heart attack or anxiety disorder. But both of the diseases are harmful and caused by mental instability. You must take care of your physical health as well as your mental health. 

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