Top Three Common Mental Health Issues Today

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Anxiety is among the most common mental health problems that many people face in the world today. There are various kinds of anxiety disorders. These include: Generalized anxiety disorder (generalized), panic disorder, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Other specific anxiety problems include post-traumatic stress, social anxiety, or specific phobias such as hoarding and/or compulsive arm lifting.

Common Mental Health Issues Today 

Social Anxiety Disorder

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Social Anxiety Disorder is the most common mental health issue that people have today. This is based on the extreme fear of being embarrassed or humiliated in social settings. People with social anxiety are often afraid to speak in public or even to maintain normal social interactions. A person with this condition will often feel like they are being watched, judged, and evaluated by other people in social settings. When people are exposed to the stresses of having to engage in everyday social interaction and they then have to undergo a stressful event or situation that causes them to experience high levels of anxiety, it leads to a severe panic attack and intense physical and/or psychological reactions.


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Phobias are also very common mental health issues like the above mentioned conditions. These are very abnormal and persistent fears of certain things or situations in life. These Phobias can be caused by a single traumatic experience in the past such as a death, divorce, losing a job, financial difficulties, etc. Other Phobias are more common. Examples of these are: spider phobia, fear of heights, fear of the water, etc. Some of these phobias can be very debilitating and can cause you to lose your ability to function normally in your daily lives.

Another Issue Is Depression

Depression is another common mental health issue. When you experience depression, you may feel sad, worthless, and unable to enjoy life. Some symptoms of depression , lack of appetite, lack of sleep, fatigue, suicidal thoughts, etc. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is important to seek help immediately.

One of the biggest sources of stress for most employees today is work related to the increasing pace of technology. This has been a growing problem in the past few decades. Many companies are now using computers in every room of the office, and many employees are extremely frustrated by this. This is why work-related stress is one of the highest forms of emotional distress today. It is common among employees and should be considered when looking at possible solutions to reducing the number of mental health issues among employees.


Stigma is also another big source of stress among employees. Stigma is a word that is used to describe something that is inferior or considered to be less than the norm. The stigma can be based on anything from bad hair styles to overweight body shapes. Some people who are considered to be obese are often subjected to uncomfortable teasing or even ridicule.

One of the largest sources of stress among employees is the lack of job recognition and job motivation. Many employees do not feel as though they are worth anything more than minimum wage because they are not being promoted or given raises. This causes a lot of mental health issues like burnout and stress because they begin to think that nothing is going to change and they will continue to be unhappy for the rest of their lives.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, the most common mental illness and an issue that affect the workplace today are Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or what is commonly known as ADHD. This is a developmental brain disorder that makes it hard for children to focus, stay organized, and sit still. People who suffer from ADHD have a hard time paying attention and staying on task. Some people who are diagnosed with ADHD may develop depression as a result. People with this disorder also tend to be extremely impulsive and have problems organizing their lives. It is no wonder that ADD and ADHD are among the top three working related issues in today’s society.

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