Travel Journal Set Notebook Pen Tape


This travel journal is very useful, especially for all your trips. Besides, this travel journal set notebook comes along with pen, notebook, and tape, which are essentials, especially making a journal entry. Now, you can enjoy and travel places anywhere. With your friends and family, you can go for a vacation and enjoy your leisure trip and also take a rest from your hectic schedule by visiting different places. Try to explore the places that you have not been visited. Discover new things, places, and many more things for you to learn. Likewise, take a break from your daily activities, either related to home or office, and enjoy yourself by visiting different places. Record all your activities, adventures, and different places that you have visited during your vacation so that you can remember it anytime. For this purpose, you need this travel journal notebook to keep a record in one place.

Travel Journal Set Notebook Pen Tape

This travel journal set comes with a cute and colorful design. This travel journal set will surely love by teens as well as adults, especially because of its beautiful design printed on this travel journal. Usually, this travel journal is available in different colors like blue or green, and you can select any one of them according to your needs and preferences. This travel journal set also comes in seven different and unique designs. You can choose any one of them. This travel journal notebook is equally beautiful and also colorful. It comes with hardcover to make it long-lasting. This travel journal notebook also comes with a strap that is flexible at the upper right-hand corner, which helps in closing the notebook properly, especially when this journal notebook is not in use.

This travel journal usually comes with 192 pages, which allows you to write your entries on this book. The pages on this travel journal have decorative prints which make this journal set even more adorable and pretty. You will love this notebook. It is lightweight and easy to carry with anywhere. It will not take much space in your bag, and it will fit easily inside your bag without much difficulty. This journal notebook has enough pages for you to write your travel entries on. The dimension of this journal set is around A5 – 23.5cm x 16.6cm. The paper size of this travel notebook is about 12.8 x 18.8cm.

Complete Journal Set 

This travel journal set comes with a 1x notebook, 2x tape, 2x pen with three colors each. This tape can be used for adding decoration to your journal pages. Besides, this journal set has a box container along with a ribbon closure. This helps in keeping your journal properly when you are not using it.

This box will help you to protect your travel notebook, especially when you are not making any travel entries. Bring this journal set with you while you are traveling. It is also the best gift to your friends and family who frequently go on vacation.

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