Treat Low Self Esteem With Toddlers Play Blocks

Treat Low Self Esteem With Toddlers Play Blocks

Toys can be called as the most fascinating gift a kid wants to have. There will always be a fight between the parents and their children while buying toys. Babies under a certain age of around 5 years have the power to grasp anything you teach them or perform in front of them. That time of their lives, they have very fast learning skills. The brain grows rapidly and tends to grasp anything to learn more and more. This is the time to give them the right toys and treat their low self-esteem.

The 12- piece toddlers play blocks are a set of toys that is very useful for your babies. 

12 Piece Toddler Play Block

The 12- piece toddlers play blocks helps your baby by providing smart options to give your toddlers that best early education possible. Provides your babies with easy teaching techniques. With the colorful designs, the babies tend to learn more and that helps you reach them more quickly. The toy is safe to use for toddlers and is fun and easy to grasp with the small beautiful arms of the babies. The toy is made of soft materials.

The design comes with a unisex design that allows everyone to play with it. If the toddlers’ friends are invited, they also can play and enjoy their time with this toy. 

Kids love to play together with friends and this toy is one such which can be easily shared with their friends. It’s always nice to see babies playing and enjoying together with their friends.

Dealing With Low Self -Esteem

The embossed design of this 12- piece toddlers play blocks are very good looking and interesting because it comes with a 3D embossed soft blocks. All the sides of this play blocks have different embossed design. They are very interesting and nice to play with. The toy covers various development growth for your babies.

It helps to give your babies the idea of recognition of mathematics like addition and subtraction. The 12-piece toddlers play blocks provides your babies with logical thinking abilities. It helps in color recognition also. The playing blocks help possess ideas about learning to recognize different graphics by hand touching and feeling the objects. These blocks help to build immense knowledge to your babies at a very early age. The blocks help in developing number recognition skills to your babies. Your babies can also learn how to solve puzzles with this beautiful 12-piece toddlers play blocks.

Product Specifications

The 12-piece toddlers play blocks is made of PVC soft rubber material and is very safe to use. It is elastic in nature. The PVC soft rubber material is formaldehyde-free. It is non-toxic in nature. The product can be used by babies while they are taking a bath also. Another key thing is that this product is BPA free. The product weighs around 0.63 kg.


The 12- piece toddlers play blocks comes at a price of $28 online and can be shipped all over the world once it is ordered.