Understanding The Mental Health Issues In Elderly

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People believe mental health issues are commonly seen in the elderly but that’s not the complete truth. Mental health can be affected at any age, and you should always open up about it without feeling embarrassed. It is often seen that as people get older, they face mental health problems, but it is not necessary that every elderly face that. No matter what your age is, never feel bad about expressing your feelings. Bottling things up and being unable to share with anyone also leads to psychiatric problems. In this article, we will understand the causes of mental health issues in the elderly. 

Although older people are more prone to certain mental health issues, they can be cured. Early diagnosis and treatment is the key to deal with such issues.

How To Recognise Mental Health Issues In Elderly?

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People often get confused with medicine reactions and dementia. When one suffers from dementia it affects their daily routine as it impacts the thinking and action process. This is mainly common amongst the elderly; Alzheimer’s is one of the causes which lead to impairment in cognitive functioning. A person with Alzheimer is most likely to have problems with thinking and performing. Loss of appetite is another symptom seen along with the drop in oxygen levels, it affects remembering, performing everyday activities, emotion, perception. 

Things To Understand About Mental Illness

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Unfortunately, mental illness is not considered in some parts of the world. People with mental health issues are judged, criticized, laughed at, denied to be treated. Hence, people fear, hide and it leads to more damage to themselves. Mental illness doesn’t reflect your weakness, it is caused by emotions, mood, surrounding and can happen to any individual. It gets very difficult to cure with aging, so early treatment is the way out of it. 

Depression, memory lapses are common in old people, hence it has become normal to all. That’s the reason the symptoms of mental health issues go unseen and elderly people don’t receive enough care. 

Causes Of Mental Health Issues

There is no one definite cause of mental illness. It can be caused due to work or family stress, it can be hereditary or genetic, surrounding or own lifestyle can also be the causes. They can all be interlinked as well, the chances increase with victims of sexual harassment, crimes, physical and emotional trauma. 

Common Mental Health Issues In Elderly

Based on WHO research, common mental health issues are seen in people over 60 years old. Depression, dementia, and anxiety are the popular ones. Bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, eating disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc. These are a few disorders that are not very common yet very damaging to one’s life.  


If you know any elderly person that requires medical attention then encourage them to consult a professional. Some older people might hesitate, considering the symptoms as normal old age. So, support, care for seniors and get them treated by a professional.

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