Vintage Meaning: Top Vintage Must-Haves For Your House


Very Vintage

When we talk about vintage meaning, we essentially indicate some period in the past during which some specific product of high quality was produced. The object may be the best version of the product there is. In today’s world, when we say vintage, we mean cars or wine dating back to a particular era when it was produced in high-quality.

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Vintage Meaning: Top Vintage Must-Haves For Your House
Vintage Meaning: Top Vintage Must-Haves For Your House

However, those are not the only two aspects where we can apply the concept of vintage. A modern home can be designed to look very vintage with the right kind of elements. Such decor will stun your guests at every house party and make your home seem like something out of the pages of a fairy tale. Here, we have compiled a list of some vintage products so that you can give your home a makeover when you want!

A Danish Credenza

This is simply a large cabinet with minimalistic designs on it. You can place it against a broad wall and mount your TV set right above it. Small objects of pottery and simple potted plants can complete your look correctly adding to the vintage meaning of your house.

A Sun-Burst Clock

This is a wall clock that was typical of the mid-century and is considered to be a classic of the times. It looks like a sun with numerous rays jutting out of it in all directions, much similar to the kind of Sun one might usually draw. Their metal finish often gives them a beautiful elegance and appeal and will attract the attention of one and all. They are also called George Nelson’s clocks and are a great favorite with all those looking to add a touch of old meaning to their house.

A Brass Object

When it comes to vintage, brass is best. While you may think that brass looks out of place unless it’s a big house, most interior designers label this as entirely untrue. Brass fittings in the bathroom or a brass chandelier can go a long way in making a statement in front of your guests. Brass products are now available in a sleek, ornate design to suit all kinds of houses.

A Vintage Bottle

Vintage glass bottles have always been a favorite with people looking to add a touch of old meaning to their houses. Vintage jars are also available in the market now and are a great hit with everyone who wants to make their kitchen look vintage. Such pots are now called mason jars, and they come in all shapes and sizes with different kinds of finishing touches, suited to attract a large section of the market.

A Gramophone

In the world of Spotify and iPods, a gramophone record has been long hailed as obsolete. However, having one of these beauties at your house can go a long way in adding a vintage touch to your room. You can also place old gramophone records around your gramophone and play it occasionally when guests are at home. Gramophones are available in attractive metal and wood finishes and can suit any room perfectly.

Vintage Meaning: Top Vintage Must-Haves For Your House
Vintage Meaning: Top Vintage Must-Haves For Your House

These products then can go a long way in revamping your house and adding a touch of vintage meaning to it. Get yours today!

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