What Are The Most Common Mental Health Disorders

different mental health issues

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders. Symptoms include severe and persistent sadness or lack of motivation; a sense of insignificance; constant thoughts about death or suicide; feelings of guilt; an intense feeling of helplessness; a negative outlook on life; fatigue, loss of sleep or appetite; and difficulty making logical decisions. Depression is more common in women than men. Symptoms include abnormal crying spells, insomnia, thoughts about death or suicide, and irritability. In most cases, depression is diagnosed during childhood, when hormone levels are fluctuating and significant changes are occurring.

Anxiety disorder, another common mental health disorder, generally includes symptoms such as restlessness, panic attacks, trouble with concentrating, and trouble completing tasks. If left untreated, anxiety can lead to depression and other related symptoms. Anxiety is the most common symptom seen in patients entering treatment for substance abuse, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is a psychiatric illness resulting from a frightening experience. Other anxiety disorders include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Different Mental Health Issues

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One of the different mental health problems, also called substance abuse, is alcohol abuse. Alcoholism is defined as “the continued presence of chemical substances in your body despite your having a regular physical need.” Symptoms include restlessness, mood swings, physical dependence, frequent urination, and constant thoughts about using the drug. Alcoholism is a disease that is not easy to diagnose. It is the most common cause of death among alcohol abusers, with the symptoms proving physical dependency when abuse is prolonged.

Bipolar disorder is another of the different mental health issues, characterized by major swings between mania and depression. Bipolar is a long-term illness, which means the symptoms will not disappear over time but are often mitigated with medication. In some people, bipolar disorder can be so severe that it causes suicidal thoughts and behaviors. If a person does not have good communication skills or a supportive family, it can be extremely difficult to overcome bipolar disorder.

The third most common condition is depression, which is a typical symptom of another illness, or a combination of two illnesses. Symptoms include sadness, excessive guilt (troubled sleep patterns), suicidal thoughts or actions, and sleep disturbances. Most people with depression do not seek treatment and those who do usually find that their symptoms are temporary. Because of the difficulty in diagnosing and treating depression, it is one of the most common mental health conditions, and its symptoms are easy to see, making it easier to treat.

A Much Ado 

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Anxiety disorder is the fourth most common mental health issue, affecting many people throughout the world. Anxiety is characterized by excessive worry about many different aspects of life. This type of disorder can lead to panic attacks and feelings of general apprehension, often leading to the avoidance of social situations. Anxiety disorder is extremely common among serving members of the Armed Forces, and those suffering from this disorder should speak with a professional for treatment options.

The last four mental health issues are each classified as either being serious or minor, based upon how severe the symptoms are. GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) is the most common of these disorders. Those who suffer from GAD will find that they have persistent and exaggerated worries about things like money, work, or other personal issues. Those with this disorder should seek medical help if they are experiencing problems with their financial situation, or if they are avoiding getting medical attention because of their worries.

Bottom Line 

Suicidal thoughts are also common among those with depression, as they contemplate ending their lives. If someone you know is thinking about suicide, it is imperative that you try to get them the help they need before it is too late. There are many different types of mental health disorders, and different solutions are available depending upon the cause of the disorder. If you suspect that someone you know may be suffering from any of these disorders, it is best to speak with a professional in the field of mental health. They can assist you in getting help for the condition your loved one is suffering from.

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