What personality are you? An introvert by MBTI?


Are you an introvert? Or are you an extrovert? Or are you an ambivert? What will you do if you want to know what type you are? To understand what you are, you will take the tests of personality traits. The Myers-Briggs type indicator is the most widely used personality test all over the world. More than 2 million people are taking this test every year. Even 85 percent of the fortune 100 companies are selecting the candidates by taking this MBTI tests. This test is used for hiring, and to validate the candidates for their transfers and promotions. If you think you are 100% introvert and feel shame for it by getting the result from MBTI, then you are wrong about your character. Let’s know in this article.

What personality are you? An introvert by MBTI?
What personality are you? An introvert by MBTI?

MBTI Personality Types:

Myers-Briggs test is a conversion theory of psychological types. MBTI is simple to explain, easy to access, and takes only 45 minutes to complete the test. It decides your personality within 45 minutes.  Four main aspects are used to classify people. They are:

Extraversion vs. Introversion: this is the first pair of styles. It is concerned with the direction of energy levels. A person deals with information, faiths, and beliefs to solve a case. Then you are an introvert.  If a person solves a case by dealing with people, things, situations, and the outer world, then you are an extrovert.

Sensing vs. Intuition: this concerns the type of information that you process. If a person who deals with facts to get clarity then you are sensing nature. Or if you prefer to deal with ideas to make new opportunities, then you are intuition character.

What personality are you? An introvert by MBTI?
What personality are you? An introvert by MBTI?

Thinking vs. Feeling: this pair reflects your decision-making style. If a person deals with a logical basis, then you are thinking character. If you prefer to solve the problem by taking the values and feeling essential to believe other’s feelings, then you are feeling type.

Judgmental vs. Perception: a person who is well-planned and structured about their life, they are judgmental type. If a person who maintains flexibility and goes with the flow by responding to things then they come under perception type.

Why Myers-Briggs Results Are Meaningless:

First of all, it is essential to note that the Myers-Briggs test is not the best measure of personality tests. Psychologists prefer other tools called Big Five traits. The five trait models are extraversion, openness, agreeableness, neuroticism, and conscientiousness. Even people gave a certificate that the big five models are better than MBTI. Many of the professionals are saying that MBTI is not only ineffective but also harms the minds of the results. It fools your attitude by knowing your zodiac sign. The results decided you by only one situation. Usually, people react to different situations.

The results and characteristics measured by the MBTI test have no foretelling power on how you are going to perform in your job or how much you will be happy in your marriage life. It only shows how you best interact with other people and how can you organize the things and the process from the outside world. Psychologists said that the personality traits exist from scientific testing and common sense. It is hard to argue that the fact that characteristics are what make us different from other people. The Big Five traits model depends on science. You can see that 4 out of five traits will be equivalent to the four preference that Myers-Briggs test description. To some people, the MBTI test is a very powerful tool that can sense themselves in this world. Still, they encourage everyone to go for the test.

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