Why Does The Flu Shot Hurt So Much


If you ever got a flu shot, you’ll know the pain your arm feels after two days. This excruciating pain might be similar to getting sucker-punched by John Cena. Ever wondered why a flu shot hurts so much? Let’s know more about flu shot.

Well, don’t let the soreness stop you from getting a flu shot. Flu shots might be painful but are worth it. There are a few discrete factors that influence your shot. These can help determine if they can cause discomfort or not in a day or two once you get a shot. Here are some reasons why your flu shot hurts along with a few tips for relieving the pain.

Why Does The Flu Shot Hurt So Much
Why Does The Flu Shot Hurt So Much

Discomfort Caused Is A Boon.

The pain you feel is a sign that the medicine is working. This soreness is a way to understand that your body is creating antibodies to fight the virus injected. However, if you don’t experience soreness, it just means you have a higher pain resistance. Moreover, being relaxed while getting a shot reduces pain. A way to reduce pain would be taking proper rest as working could increase anxiety.

Pain Is Parallel To The Method Of The Flu Shot Injected.

The pain can be affected by how fast or slow theshot injects. If slow, it tends to be more painful. When the injecting proceeds slowly, the needle is against the human body for a more extended period. Slow injections could lead to muscle tissue damage, and this could lead to a painful soreness. However, fast doses reduced pain to a significant amount. Applying pressure or gently stroking the area before getting a shot can help relieve the pain. You can ask your doctor or Nurse to carry this out to help reduce the pain.

Why Does The Flu Shot Hurt So Much
Why Does The Flu Shot Hurt So Much

Pain Is A Mental Construct; It Will Reduce As You Grow Older.

Pain is a psychological makeup; each of us experiences it on a different scale. Some of us relate it to past experiences, while some of us to mere anticipation. For example; if you underwent surgery before with IV fluids, a flu shot won’t scare you. Even though the needle used for the IV is smaller, you will anticipate the same pain. However, in other cases, people can experience high anxiety and face trypanophobia. In this, one may feel nauseous, weak or scared after seeing needles. Moreover, as we grow older, our nervous system wears, which reduces the effect of pain.

How To Reduce The Pain By The Flu Shot.

Now you probably know why your flu shot hurts so much. There are a few steps you could take to reduce the pain. Firstly, move your arm around immediately after the shot administered. The movement will increase the circulation of oxygen and blood; as a result, will decrease pain. Secondly, using a cold compress will help reduce the pain. Finally, taking pain killers can be a source of relieving pain. These are a few steps to deal with your pain. Also, do not avoid flu shots because of the pain !! Well, why are you waiting? Get your shot!

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